Our Values

NetTel Values 01 NetTel Values

Hard work. Resourcefulness. Determination.
Expert craftsmanship. Integrity.

At NetTel, these fundamental principles shape who we are and how we work. We’re honored to carry on the proud legacy of those intrepid, tenacious folks who connected our great nation with steel, steam and copper more than 150 years ago.

Today we live in an age of unprecedented global connectivity. As NetTel builds modern networks of copper, fiber and gigabit wireless, we understand that your network is no longer just a part of your business. Your network IS your business. Network by NetTel… connectivity that works.


Why NetTel? 02 NetTel Values

Your Network Infrastructure is Crucial

Network cabling infrastructure typically accounts for less than 10% of project construction costs. As a result, choosing a cabling partner might seem like a minor detail, but consider this: network lifespans long outlive equipment lifespans.

Choose a Quality Solution that Outlives the Competition

Installing the best long-term solution isn't always the lowest-cost approach today, but it is ALWAYS the better long-term value. The solution that outlives multiple generations of equipment, by design, is the solution which demonstrates the foresight to plan for the organization's future success.

We Understand the Needs of Our Clients

NetTel clients count on us to help them plan for the future and give them sound recommendations for long-term structured cabling solutions. We expertly design and then confidently stand behind each and every connection.

Our Story03NetTel Values

From our humble beginnings in 1994, NetTel has become one of the most sought after structured cabling contractors in the Midwest.

By using only the highest quality materials, professional installation techniques and thorough testing procedures we can guarantee that any network problems our clients encounter will not be due to cabling infrastructure.

Our installations meet current codes and standards using the best copper and fiber optic cables including:
Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a Gigabit 100Base-T
1000Base-T Ethernet Coaxial
Single-Mode Fiber Optic Multi-Mode Fiber Optic
Our Guarantee

The NetTel Guarantee 04 NetTel Values

100% Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee that all of our work meets or exceeds industry performance standards. If there is a problem with our installation, we fix it. It is that simple.

Quality Assurance Done Right

NetTel provides quality assurance from design, installation and commissioning right through to operation. Our partnership with CommScope means that our technicians are trained to the highest standards and provide world-class support.

25-Year Warranty

NetTel proudly offers a 25-year warranty on structured cabling solutions, ensuring our customers benefit from CommScope's copper and fiber connectivity which meets or exceeds the latest standards at both component and system levels.

Proudly Partnered with

Our RCDD05 NetTel Values

NetTel is the only structured cabling and network design firm in Western Wisconsin to feature a full-time Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) on staff.

The RCDD certification is one of the highest levels of technical education in the communications industry. Having a staffed RCDD provides our customers with peace of mind that the RCDD will be supervising the installation. This also means that our staffed RCDD can help our customers during the design phase of any of their telecommunication and technology projects.

Our Expertise

Product & Service Expertise06NetTel Values

NetTel offers expertise in all aspects of network design and build-out. We can deliver the physical data and network layers of this critical infrastructure, including horizontal cabling, vertical fiber optic systems and network switching equipment. We are experts in designing and installing a broad array of solutions.

Network Cabling, Voice & Data & Structured Cabling Systems

Data Cabling Services & Installation

Cat5e, CAT6, CAT6a data cabling services including installation services for all copper communication cabling.

Voice and Data Networks

Design and engineering services for voice and data networks. AutoCAD drawings and designs by RCDD staff plus manufacturer training.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic installation, termination, splicing and testing.

Multi Mode or Single Mode Fiber

Multi mode or single mode fiber, termination in LC, SC and ST. OTDR testing and documentation.

Network Cabling & Audits

Network cabling for all data systems, network cabling audits and system management.


Panel cleanup, rework and labeling.

As-Built Drawings

As-Built drawings for data networks and cabling systems.


Certification for all our network data cabling systems.

Reporting & Testing

Reporting and testing data networks and cabling systems.

Color Matching

Color matching CAT5e & CAT6 cabling and cable management systems.

Cable Management Solutions

Ladder racking, raceway and snake tray systems and support for all cabling systems.


Audio / Video Systems Installation

LCD and LED displays
Multi-Room Audio Systems
CATV systems
Digital Signage

Additional Services & Installations

Speech Privacy
Sound Masking
White Noise Installations

Our Work07

Showcasing our expertise across all types of businesses & organizations

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